Plastic Surgery Office


In the early 1990’s, Dr. Robert J. Perry, Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at SUNY at Buffalo, was leaving the University, and Dr. Joel H. Paull, an established Plastic Surgeon in private practice, was in need of an associate while he recovered from a significant injury. The two colleagues merged their practices. Dr. Paull never returned to the operating room, and Dr. Perry became the principle surgeon. Dr. Paull continues in the practice as consultant and is also an associate attorney in the law practice of Gross, Shuman, Brizdle & Gilfillan.

Our offices were originally located on North Street in downtown Buffalo with a branch office in Niagara Falls, NY, With changing demographics, we moved the practice base to the SummitHealthplex in Niagara Falls, NY where we developed a medical spa, Spa Niagara®, LLC, and added our physician assistant Colleen M. Kurtz, PA-C.

With the recent addition of Dr. Danielle M. Dauria on July 1, 2014, we renamed the practice Buffalo Niagara Plastic Surgery, PPLC.


Spa Niagara first began as a Retin-A based skin care line introduced to patients through our North Street office in Buffalo, NY. When the practice was moved to the Summit Healthplex, a room was devoted to skin treatments and the development of a product line. Under the direction of licensed aesthetician, Linda Baldi-Perry, Spa Niagara®, LLC has continued to progress, offering a full catalogue of skin care services and multiple product lines.

Your Consultation

“A consultation for aesthetic surgery is truly a meeting of the minds — the development of a connection between patient and surgeon. Your job is to tell us what you want; our job is to tell you what’s possible, reasonable, and, above all, safe.

We are privileged to have an outstanding team of medical professionals who are caring, exceptionally talented, and driven to help you look and feel your very best."

- Robert J. Perry, MD FACS