Medical Spa at Niagara

A Spa is not an escape; it is a place for renewal. It is a resource where one can go to recharge, re-energize, and then return to engage life. A Medical Spa goes further by providing an assurance that treatments are grounded in a medical tradition and delivered by fully-accredited practitioners both for your health and for your safety.

At Spa Niagara, we dedicate ourselves to the professional care of your skin. Your evaluation and treatment will be provided by a licensed esthetician (skin care specialist), member of the Society of Plastic Surgery Skin Care Specialists, and the Aesthetics’ International Association.

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    “A consultation for aesthetic surgery is truly a meeting of the minds — the development of a connection between patient and surgeon. Your job is to tell us what you want; our job is to tell you what’s possible, reasonable, and, above all, safe.

    We are privileged to have an outstanding team of medical professionals who are caring, exceptionally talented, and driven to help you look and feel your very best.”

    – Robert J. Perry, MD FACS

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